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Privacy Policy


  • 1.1 Community council of Moniatis owns the website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”). Community council of Moniatis has drafted these terms of service, which apply to the website’s content and services (hence referred to as “Services”). The visitor and/or user of the website is respectfully requested to read the terms of service in their entirety before using the Services. Use of the Services constitutes unreserved acceptance of the terms of service.

  • 2.1 Community council of Moniatis makes every effort to ensure that the website’s material and information are as accurate and up to date as possible, but assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, or currency.

  • 2.2 Community council of Moniatis provides the contents, products and services available via the website exactly as they are, without any kind of representation, authorization or written guarantee, express or implied, whereas it goes without saying that the satisfactory quality, suitability, inviolability of compatibility, security and accuracy are guaranteed. By no means, Community council of Moniatis shall be liable for any claims of legal, civil or/and penal nature not even for any damage or loss of earnings from visitors of the website or third parties on grounds related or not to the operation or the use of the website or to failure to provide services or information made available by it or any non permitted third party interventions to products or services or information made available through this. The content and the information included in the present website in no way could they be interpreted as valid information or advices or incitation and in no way whatsoever they dissimulate any incitation or dissuasion to act or not in a specific way.

  • 2.3 Community council of Moniatis shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, exemplary, special, incidental, or punitive damages for loss of profit, reputation, or other harm caused by the following:

    A) the use of the Services or inability to utilise them
    B) any product, data, information, or service accessed through the Services or to which access is achieved.
    C) illegal data alteration or access.
    D) claims stemming from the software’s use.
    E) denial of any person’s rights of any type that are exercised or attempted to be exercised through the Services.
    F) suspension of the Services.
    G) payments and incorrect payments.

  • 2.4 Community council of Moniatis is not liable for any claims arising from the automatic, temporary storage of information and data for the sole purpose of facilitating the transfer of such information to the recipient of a requested service, or the partial or total loss, or the incorrect transmission or non-transmission of such information.

  • 2.5 The listings and adverts on this website are generated based on the information supplied by users. Community council of Moniatis is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of information supplied by users or clients. Community council of Moniatis is not liable for the correctness of listings, any deficiencies, listing errors, ads, or typographical errors. Community council of Moniatis does not monitor or guarantee the reliability, integrity, or quality of any content that is saved or transferred via the Services. Community council of Moniatis is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from content stored, transferred, or made available via the Services.

  • 2.6 The goal of the professional categories in the Directories is to assist searches; nevertheless, they are not always accurate professional descriptions. A firm or individual’s inclusion in a category does not necessarily imply that they offer the items or services suggested by that category, nor that they are legally or professionally registered to offer such products or services. Community council of Moniatis does not guarantee that advertisers are professionally registered; this is the responsibility of the Associations, Chambers, or Professional Bodies to which they belong.

  • 2.7 Community council of Moniatis is not responsible for the website’s advertisements, commercial transactions, products, services, or other content.
    Community council of Moniatis makes no express or implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of commercial viability and appropriateness for any purpose, which are hereby excluded. Specifically, and without limitation, Community council of Moniatis does not guarantee that access to the Website will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that access will be available at any time or location.
    Community council of Moniatis is not liable for any defamation of any person or product or service regarding contested intellectual property rights or trade names or trademarks or patents or failure to obey a court order or denying the right to privacy of any person or the breach of any contract or wrongful act or other denial or violation of a right or ay other wrongful act that anyone attempts to commit via the Services.
    All services, data, and/or information transmitted through this website are the full responsibility of the users.
    The current website might allow visitors and/or users to vote on current issues posed in the form of questions. Community council of Moniatis records, analyses, and comments on the responses of the voters in order to determine the public’s stance on a certain issue. Community council of Moniatis retains the unique right to collect and utilise these data, as the relevant conclusions are his original work. Community council of Moniatis determines the specific criteria for voting participation and reserves the authority to halt voting.


  • 3.1 The present website may contain links to the websites of third parties; nevertheless, Community council of Moniatis disclaims all responsibility for the content of these websites and for any damage that may result from their use, as the visitor accesses them at his own risk. It is not Community council of Moniatis ‘ responsibility to verify the availability, the content, the personal data protection policy, the quality, or the completeness of service on other websites and pages that are linked to via Community council of Moniatis ‘ website links, hypertext connections, or advertising banners. Therefore, if a problem arises during a visitor’s or user’s visit or usage, he or she should directly contact the relevant websites and pages, which bear full responsibility for the service supplied. Community council of Moniatis should in no way be construed as embracing or accepting the content or services of websites and pages linked to or otherwise associated with Community council of Moniatis .


  • 4.1 The literary rights of the website’s content and services that Community council of Moniatis has uploaded or will upload to the website, including programmes, information, data, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, maps, drawings, and texts, belong solely to Community council of Moniatis and are protected by Cypriot, European, and international law on literary rights. None of these may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, or redistributed in any form, nor may they be downloaded, transmitted, or distributed. The user understands and agrees that he is not granted the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, or otherwise commercially exploit in any way, in whole or in part, the content of this website. Consequently, any copying, distribution, transfer, modification, resale, creation of a derivative work, or deception of the public as to the true Internet provider is prohibited. Any reproduction, reediting, uploading, announcement, propagation, transmission, or other use of the content for commercial and/or other purposes is prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing by Community council of Moniatis or another holder of the literary rights.

  • 4.2 The services and/or products described on this website that bear the trademarks, names, and/or logos of third parties, organisations, partners, and/or publishers are their property.


  • 5.1 Community council of Moniatis reserves the right, without notice and at any moment, to:

    Upgrade, modify, or temporarily suspend the Services; prohibit their usage; restrict or prevent access to the Services; or prevent their use.

  • 5.2 Remove any content or material published or stored on the Services for any reason, including, but not limited to, violation of these terms and conditions. Users will be notified of any modifications to these terms and conditions.
  • 6.1 Community council of Moniatis reserves the right at any time considers it proper and without giving a prior notice, to amend, modify, upgrade the content and/or the services of the present website as well as the terms of use.


  • 7.1 The present terms and conditions are subject to Cypriot Law, European and international law on literary rights and any dispute which arises shall be resolved before the Courts of Cyprus.