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History of Moniatis
a story of many centuries

Moniatis is a village in the province of Limassol, situated in the Troodos Mountains approximately 30 kilometres from the metropolis. It is a village encircled by vegetation, renowned for its natural environment, that underwent significant growth in the 1990s.

According to tradition, the village of Moniatis received its name from the numerous stables that existed in the area where the village began to develop approximately 500 years ago. In the heart of Moniatis, you can see the first preserved dwellings and mosque in the neighbourhood where Turkish Cypriots resided prior to the Turkish invasion of 1974. Within the village is the Heroes’ Monument, which is dedicated to Panikos Pourgouridis, and the most prominent structure is the “floating pine” at the village’s entrance. There are notable churches in Moniati, such as the central church of Panagia Odegetria, the chapel of Archangel Michael constructed in 1717 that dominates near the centre of the village, the historic monastery of Timiou Prodromos, which dates back to the end of the 15th century, and its tiny church.

The chapel of the Prophet Elias, the chapel of Saint Nektarios, the chapel of Saint Marina, and the chapel of Saint Andreas. In the lands of Moniatis, there are magnificent nature trails that provide relaxation and tranquilly in conversation and, most importantly, allow him to study and admire the waterfalls and the “environmental lung” Mesa Potamos. The village’s tiny dam is also worth a visit, as is the imposing double bridge that serves as the natural border between the Community and Trimiklini and is unique to Cyprus. In close proximity to the double bridge is another extraordinary bridge.

Finally, Moniati is home to sulphur springs renowned for their curative properties. Over the years, Moniatis has experienced numerous population fluctuations. In 1881, there were 92 inhabitants, and by 1911 there were 183. In 1931, the population increased to 257 from 174 in 1921. In 1960, there were 356 residents in the village.

In 1973 there were 217, and in 1976 there were 319. From 217 in 1982 to 275 in 2011, the population increased gradually. Now in 2023, the permanent resident population has tripled as a result of ongoing development. Pine trees make up the majority of Moniatis’ abundant natural vegetation. Cypresses, walnuts, eucalyptus, and poplars flourish adjacent to the small Kouri tributary’s ravine.